Sunpriests of Kings Landing

There are three sun priests in Kings Landing.


Priestess Sarah

A former member of the Gollum Smashers, she has recently left this band to assist Lord Herrek in his monumental task of caring for the refugees in Kings Landing whilst searching for their king.
She is a serious person as well as being very caring.

Priest Rada Hillsman

An elderly Man, good listener who is willing to suffer fools if it will ease tension in a situation.
Both kind and caring, he offers what help he can to those in need.

Priestess Jillian Ravenswood

Less experienced than the other priests, she is still a blessing to the community and always willing to help, even if that simply means offering a friendly ear.

The young girls of nine who was rescued by the players. She has been taken in as an apprentice by the Church of Solace and is taking to it well. Although still not speaking, she is a good listener and enjoys hearing other peoples stories.


Sunpriests of Kings Landing

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