Dying Of The Light

The Story So Far. Part 3.

A brief overview.

Act III. Bondage.

Scene 1. Slavery.

The Heroes awakened to find themselves chained up captives of The Masters. In there holding room they acquainted themselves with a fellow slave. An elf named Tarn Swiftsteel. Their time in captivity also allowed them to learn some very important secrets in the process. They also met a mysterious Elven prisoner named Arwick who it was later discovered was the Kings former Mage. With his dying breath he managed to whisper the word “Search for…Valador”. A name that meant nothing to the heroes.

Scene 2. An act of kindness.

The group learn what being a hero really means when another prisoner, Sargent Garlan of the city watch risks all to provide them with food and information.

Scene 3. War of the rats.

A rescue party looking for the recently decease Arwick, helps kill the slaves’ overseer, frees the adventures and leads them below Kings Port and into the Warrens. During the escape Ravensheroic intentions to free the rest of the slaves imbued his makeshift lock pick with magical properties.



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