Dying Of The Light

The Story So Far. Part 2

A brief overview.

Act II. The Fall.

Scene 1. Decisions.

During their descent the heroes discover their fair Valusia lay in ruin and decide to head back to the village of Aragron, although their time underground made it difficult to determin their exact location.

Scene 2. Innocence Lost.

A young human girl who’s name was later discovered to be Tam was discovered in the shell of a ruined house. Despite being mute, she provided some scant clues to what had happened in the Valusian planes. It seemed that the terrors from history had returned. The Spiders. The Heroes moved on when they began to suspect that they were being watched from a distant crop of trees.

Scene 3. A Fallen Hero.

The corpse of Ragulon, a well known hero of the Golem Smashers, is discovered on the banks of a small stream, crushed by some titanic foe. His legendary magical hammer was also discovered a small distance away. Despite the dangers the heroes gave him a proper burial and then moved on.

Scene 4. Valusia Razed.

Finally reaching Aragron, the party found it smoking and broken from a recent massive assault. Bodies littered the streets, many with strange puncture wounds upon them. The heroes decided to head for the still partially intact Axeman’s Rest and set up camp. All were hugely exhausted after their long travels and in desperate need for food and rest. Before they had time to set up fortifications a large force (double what most sane folk would of expected ;))of frenzied Spiders and the newly encountered Wither Beastsattacked. Despite a heroic stand, the party were pressed back by weight of numbers and were eventually rendered unconscious.



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