Dying Of The Light

The Story So Far. Part 4.

A brief overview.

Act IV. The Warrens.
Scene 1. The Wolf.

Sarah the Sun Priestess introduced the former slaves to the refugee settlement of Kings Landing and its de facto ruler, Lord Paulus Herrek – The Wolf. The Kings Champion. He explains the dreadful situation and details how things are currently being felt with in Kings Landing. Neither he nor his council know what “seek out Valador.” might mean, although he is confident time will tell. He asks that they spend some time healing their wounds and resting up but requests that when they are able, they should speak to Aden the Scribe, an elf who would have work for them.

Scene 2. The Lower Tunnels.

Several weeks past and the heroes mixed and mingled with the other refugees of Kings Landing. they became friendly with several like minded folk. But once they were ready they approached Aden the Scribe for work. The party were tasked with gathering some much needed Red Kelp from the lower sea tunnels. They had to do battle with a large force of vicious Sea Trolls but their skill and evolving teamwork brought them a great victory. They returned to Kings Landing with much food and loot and received a heroes welcome.



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