Dying Of The Light

The Story so far.

Brief overview

Scene 1. A Message.

The heroes are hired by the well-known Galstaff family to deliver a message to their wandering son, Trabian Galstaff. Trabian is a member of the an adventuring group named The Scarlet Riders. Trabian was believed to be high in the Dread Mountains exploring a newly discovered Sa Karan ruin.

Scene 2. Aragron.

The party traveled to Aragron, a village a days ride from Kings Port. There they discovered the exact location of the Sa Karan ruin from Emil, a dwaven prospector. Whilst taking respite in the village tavern ‘The Axeman’s Rest’ Ravenand Amalane heared the famous bard Everheart recite a song about the Legendary ‘Seven’.

Scene 3. The Savage Hills.

The party had their first major combat on the way to the ruins when they discovered an Orc encampment and several captured humans. During there attempt to rescue the captives the half Orc Hanselwas killed by one of the Orcs. His brother Gretel placed the body on the orcs campfire and together with the Red Knight Amalane, they spoke prayers to accompany him to the afterlife. The rescued humans were a male prospector, Sullivan Dane, and a Sun Priestess named Natalie. They decided to join the party in their quest.

Scene 4. The Sa Karan Ruins.

After a long and tiresome hike the party finally found the ruins and began to explore its depths. During their time in the darkness they were ambushed by amphibious creatures known an Gnashers. The beasts were no real match for the party and were quickly vanquished. As they ventured deeper they battled an ancient guardian they (later discovered was referred to as a Spinner), found the corpses of the Scarlet Riders and discovered an incredible treasure. A Sa Karan Bloodstone!

Scene 5. The Moutain.

Just as the Heroes finished there fight, the spike lands in the Valusian planes outside Kings Port, causing massive tremors all the way to the Dread Moutains. The earthquake caused the ruins to collapse, trapping the party underground. Fortunately a new path opened up during the quake, and after an arduous subterranean trip and a battle with yet more Gnashers, the group found its way out of the earth.

Scene 6. The Savage Caves.

The path through the belly of the mountain lead the heroes to a small series of caves inhabited by a large Orc tribe. The caves were currently empty of inhabitants, other than several cages Dire Wolves and so the party worked their way through them, searching for any items that might be of use. During their search the party discovered yet another Sa Karan Bloodstone. The inhabitants of the cave were discovered to be gathered outside their cavern home. Distracted by some distant event, the Heroes were able to sneak past them and begin to descend the Mountain.



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