Dying Of The Light

The Dying Of The Light. Act 1.


The Dying of the light begins at the twilight of Valusias prosperity. The mighty heroes of the land such as the mighty Golumn Smashers and the legendary Seven have kept people safe from harm for many years.

Valusia’s wise and honourable King Crassus Kaden has ruled well. From his glorious castle in the great city of Kings Port he has fought hard to bring peace to a land that had suffered through many years of bitter war bettween the many different races. He has also created many diplomatic peace treaties with their many neighbours such as the Northen wild regions beyond the Dread Mountains known as the White Towns, the southern Dragon Isles and the exotic western land of Kos.

In general, the people of Valusia are a happy lot ans all has been good for just over 5 years.

The player characters are unknown to Valusians at large. Their legend has yet to begin. But one fresh autum morning the Red Knight Amalane, the secretive Raven and the half Orc brothers Hansel and Gretel all came together outside the stately home of the renound noble Galstaff family. Each of them brought there by promise of work.

They met with Simon Rutledge, Jacob Galstaffs personal advisor, who outlined the task that required completion. The PC’s were to deliver an urgent message to Trabian Galstaff, Jacobs son. Two days ago he had set out to explore a Sa’Karan ruin that had been recently uncovered in the foothills of the Dread Mountains. Not knowing exactly where the ruin were, Mr Rutlage suggested that the PC’s seek out a fellow adventuring acquaintance of Trabian’s named Bareena. She could often be found in the renound heros tavern known as the Kings Shadow. The players were advised to seek her out as she would most likely know exactly where Trabian could be found.

The players were to deliver the message as soon as possible and bring Trabian and his hero partners of the Scarlet Riders back to Kings Port no later than lunch time the next day.
They would each be paid 50 Suns on completion of this task as well as the promise of more exciting work in the future.

Mr Rutledge leaned in to pass the wax sealed message to Amalane but Gretel quickly interceded and snatched the letter from his grasp, placing it safely away in his backpack.

The Galstaff family supplied mounts for the journey and the party set off across the city of Kings Port to seek out Bareena at the Kings Shadow. Once inside the tavern they learned that the barkeeper had had seen Bareena several hours ago but had sent her away on a little errand of a rather delicate nature. After some persuasion the PC’s were told that the Kings Shadow had recently been suffering from a vermin problem. Rats had been getting onto the grounds and so Bareena had ventured into the sewers to seek out the source and eradicate it.

Short on time, the PC’s headed into the sewers via the same hatch that Bareena had taken. It didn’t take them long to find her. She was sat against a wall with her shield at her back and was pressing it into place to cover a crack in the sewer wall that she explained was spewing hundreds of rats out. She asked for the players help and so they obliged. With a count to 3 Bareena jumped away and out came the rats. The players and Bareena began to crush them under foot but they were a nasty and aggressive swarm and soon began biting at the most vulnerable areas in the characters armour. Raven sustained a nasty injury but they were eventually successful and the swarm dispersed.

Bareena thanked the PC’s and offered several Suns in return for their assistance. After a brief but friendly conversation she explained that Trabian had headed for the town of Aragron situated at the base of the Dreads. As a Scarlet Rider herself, she was going to journey with him but other business had prevented this. Bareena bid the players a safe journey and they parted company.

Now knowing where Trabian and his Scarlet Riders had headed the party set off for the town of Aragron. It was an 8 hour ride to get there and on the way they witnessed many happy citizens going about there daily chores. Friendly waves and smiles were offered as they traveled by. The players were also passed by the renound Golem Smashers, their dwaven leader Ragulon nodding to them as they passed. Today was a good day.

They reached the gates of Aragron by mid evening and the gate keeper Sarrel Fallon, hearing there plight, allowed them entry explaining that they should head to the Axeman’s Rest and seek out Emil Keswraith, the dwarven prospector who discovered the Sa’Karan ruin.

Emil was indeed at the Axemans’s Rest and was a little reluctant to give up the location of the ruin, clearly fearful of ‘claim jumpers’ but the soothing presence of a Red Knight loosened his tongue. Direction given, the players prepared to set off into the Dreads. Just before leaving a troubadour named Everheart who began singing a tale of the Legendary Seven and there battle against the Sea Troll King, deep in the kings tunnels beneath the great city.

It was estimated that it would take about 3 to 4 hours to reach the high point in the Moutains where the ruin was located and so despite the late hour and the warnings that violent Orc tribes prowl the Dreads at night, they began the gruelling hike.

Just after an hour or so into the climb Raven heard a strange sound being carried on the strong wind. It sounded like the angered barking of dogs or perhaps wolves. The party decided to investigate and stealthy headed towards the source. The scene they came upon was somber. Two bound humans, one male, one female were being held by a tribe of Orc. In their camp were also three dire wolves that were tied to a pitch pole yet still able to get extremely close to the prisoners. The Orc stood about laughing as the humans cowered away from the ferocious wolves.

The players knew something had to be done. A rescue was on the cards. Raven used the shadow and surrounding cover to circle around the the rear of the camp and approach to within striking distance of the wolf handler Orc. He drew his dagger and held ready for the rest of the team to attack. Hansel moved in on the closest Orc, the for raucous laughter from the camp helping him remain undetected. Both Amalane and Gretel positioned and to ready to strike. Then it began.

Raven opened the throat of the wolf handler, Hansel ran his target through and Amalane and Gretel clobbered there two quarry’s with powerfully heavy blows. The rest of the Orc exploded into action and charged in on all but Raven who’s silent assassination had not caught their attention. The Half Orc brothers and Amalane met them head on with courage and steel. Blood was spilt on both sides and during the brief but brutal encounter Hansel suffered a fatal blow to the head. Orc are never to be underestimated.

Their surprise assault proved successful as the last few orcs fell. The victory was bitter sweet however and when Gretel realised that his brother had been lost he rampaged around the camp decimating the corpses of his enemies before Amalane intervened to calm and console him. The prisoners were released and the camp looted. Equipment was given back to the rescued humans who it turned out were one male prospector named Sullivan and a Sun Priestess named Natalie. Sullivan had set out into the mountains earlier that same day with 4 protectors. Two were slaughtered when the orcs attacked them and they were taken.

At this late hour it would be to dangerous for the two of them to descend and so the players accepted there company for the remainder of their climb.

Several hours later tired from the climb, the party reached the area that Emil had described to them. To confirm their success the party located 4 horses baring the insignia of the Scarlet Riders tied to a small cops of trees near to the cave entrance that would lead them into the Sa’Karan ruin.


Gretel for president!

The Dying Of The Light. Act 1.

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