Dying Of The Light

Rumours in Kings Landing.

Rumours abound.

A list of rumours that are floating around Kings Landing.

Lord Paulus Herrek “The Wolf” was taken by The Masters in the battle for the city. Word is he tried to kill King Kaden himself.

Lord Paulus Herrek “The Wolf”is still controlled by The Masters.

Lord Paulus Herrek “The Wolf” sends out the brave to gather loot and treasure and keeps the best of it for himself.

Some of us think we should just surrender. It’s better to be a slave than to starve to death.

A creature called the Red Ravager lurks in the lower tunnels. It is said to be the blood splattered ghost of an ancient pirate king.

It seems the rats of the catacombs have their very own protector, a shape changing wererat called The Vermin Lord.



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