Welcome to Valusia! Welcome to the darkness!

This is our first outing with the Savage Worlds system and the Evernight setting which takes place in the fertile kingdom of Valusia. It is a place where the average citizens have become reliant on the services and success of the lands adventuring heroes of which you are looking to join the ranks.

The Kingdom of Valusia was a land of beauty, happiness and for the most part, peace. But as you now know, this 12 year period of prosperity under the great and revered King Crassus Kaden was not to last.

A great darkness has spread across the lands and it is now clear that a great and ancient menace has returned. The Spiders. A menace so great and terrible that it forced all the civilised races of the world to go into hiding over two thousand years ago.

But are they the true threat or is it these mysterious aliens referred to as The Masters. Or perhaps of far greater danger is the peoples reliance on the few to do the fighting for the many.

Heroes like the legendary seven must surly already be taking action to be a great beacon of light in the darkness, but what about you.

Will you run from shadow to shadow, hiding from this evil or will you seize this time to rise like a flame from the darkness and build your legend as heroes


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Dying Of The Light

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